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Anger Burning - Warcharge 7" (La vida es un mus)

Recorded in 2007, and this is not bad. I get fucking UK feelings, the sound, the riffs etc... hm, very
close to Disgust (UK). And then of course all classic crust stuff like war lyrics, war pictures and yeah,
the name of the EP - Warcharge. I’m not sure if this band still exists but I am sure that some of the
members are into other bands. Wild guess, but that’s what I think. The 6 tracks are fucking raw and
brutal, just straight on and that’s something I like.

Anger Burning / Discover. Split 7" (D-takt och Råpunk rec)
A.B: cp_och_ful@hotmail.com
Discover: www.myspace.com/discoverdbeat

This is a co-realese by D-takt och Råpunk, Dis is Dis, Magsjuka Rec and Criminal Records. I think it
is released after the Warcharge EP by Anger Burning. It’s the same theme, waaaar...and some
destruction. black and white frontcover an insert in black and white with the lyrics. Well, this say so
much about the music, two bands and if I will pick a winner it will be Anger Burning because I prefer
their vocals. Vidar in Anger Burning sound more heavy without any “Årre-growling” tendency. Both
bands are playing old-school swedish rawpunk with big japan dis-beat influences, this record isn’t
recorded in a fancy studio, no no, it’s rehearsal room noise, but it’s a good record. I might be sick but
I like Burning Anger...raw shit.

Animal Train - Chicken Burn EP

To be honest isn’t Animal Train the best band I’ve heard. They music on this EP is pretty bad, but there
it comes again... I like that old school punk. They are not Iron Maiden or something boring like that
crap. This is old school 77-punk from the States and it have charm. That charm is more worth than
rock star guitar solos. In some parts can I think of bands like the almighty Crass. I think that there is a
new recording out by Animal Train, visit their Myspace for more info. I will give Animal train some
attention in Schizo # 7 because they are a great bunch of people, For everyone that care is the lead
singer a female. I say that just for I know that some people doesn’t like female vocals, and someone
(just like me) love it and some people doesn’t care at all. She also play the bass and sometime is it too
much that she sing just as the bass lines are.

Antipati - Frågor som rör det allmänna (CD)
Kjell Hell Records - www.kjellhell.se

Antipati from Sweden is not so far from the french band Hardtimes. They sing in their home language,
with much melodys and are into the skinhead scene. Antipati is one of the best swedish bands
right now. Comparing to lot’s of other bands in the skin scene/streetpunk is the music not that
fast and macho. There is 12 new songs + 4 bonus songs from their EP “Sleepless”. The bonus
songs are in english and they prove that Antipati is just as good when they use english lyrics as
when they use swedish lyrics. The songs from Sleepless are actually fucking excellent. Besides
everything are the swedish titles pretty fun, like: Tupplur i en busskur, Punk på Berns and the
same title as the old swedish band Urban Släke had: Så jävla svensk. This is a great release
from Kjell Hell Records with one of the best swedish punkband right now.

Ashamed, EP 2009
On this EP is it a mix of songs with english and german lyrics. Niestroy really mix a lot of genres
with hardcore as their hard core. Anarchopunk, grind and maybe a bit UK82. It’s really cool. And
as always is the vocals totaly crazy and angry. Their lyrics seems to be very political about the
society and everything that make you sick n tired on this world. This EP wound up with a
Rudimentary Peni cover, so you can understand what this is about.

Atomic Pollution - Anarchy and peace

The lyrics is so obvious for us who are in the punk movement, they can be simple but with lot’s of
meanings and thoughts. It’s the sick society the corporations and the multinational companys that
this one man band Atomic Pollution sing about. This is old school anarcho punk and fucking good
and honest. This 5-songs EP remind me of The Subhumans. In true DIY-style is this EP free to
download, do it because this is just what punk are about. I like the sound of the guitar, but I guess
that a guitar hero would puke... but let the people who just think that music are about 100%
proffesionalism do that, who care about those people? My favorite song is “You can keep your life”
You will also get the coverart and lyrics when you download this EP

Atomic Pollution - Banality of reality

Alright, even more free stuff from Atomic Pollution. This is a 2-song EP where the first song are a bit
country influenced and instrumental, I start to thinking of M.D.C when I hear it. Maybe it’s the catchy
melody like in the MDC song “Chicken Squawk”. The next song are about Lady Justice, just 1.17
min. long... I want more, more songs. The sound could be better, but still, it’s better when it’s not too
fucking fancy produced. As I wrote in the other review with A.P is this old school anarchopunk like
Subhumans. And the guitarsound reminds me of G-Ism. This is free to download and the cover art
and lyrics are enclosed. It can’t be better. Don’t miss the interview with Atomic Pollution in this issue.

Axiom - Apathy & Privilege

Axiom from USA is a fantastic crust band, tight and raw. Just what I like. It will always be a fine
dynamic with switch vocals. And just as the music is the vocals raw and furious. I am glad that I
found Axiom, I will probably listen to them often. The sound is fucking fat even though I listen thru
my Laptop. All songs are very well played so Axiom is not just a random band among all D-beat
bands. There is seven tracks on this album. 6 songs and one track with spoken words which is
brilliant. This LP comes with a 24 pages booklet. It’s free to download both the LP and the
booklet. If I remember right was Apathy & Privilege released 2000, it was their first fullenght.
They have also released a couple of EP’s and a Split LP with Church of Nihil and Autonomia. I
can’t say anything else that you must download Axiom, they really surprised me.

Boxwagon - Civil defense against conformity (CD)

I got in touch with Boxwagon on Myspace and they sent me this CD. The band are from Philippines
and it’s cool with bands from that areas who doesn’t play grind or crust. Boxwagon are more into
trash punkrock. Sometimes can I have problem with the vocals who sound a bit false. And the
singing melody are often as the guitar melodys. With some work on the vocals could Boxwagon
be really good. The song Mindcollapse have som fast parts. and there is the vocals much better.
It is some metal feelings but not too much, and that’s just a positive thing. This demo contains 5
songs, the last one is a cover by The Avengers, a great punkrock song which they do great. I
hope that Boxwagon will release more stuff in the future because I wanna hear them more. I
think that they can be a band that maybe will fit better live than on a record.

The Bristles - Reflections of the bourgeois society (CD)

They promote theirself as a raw punk band. But no this is not raw punk this is high class
punk rock and you will probably agree when you listen to this CD. The Bristles was a
decent band even before they reunited they are really great lads as well, who don’t mind
playing at small venues squats or a big festival, you got my point. They have toured very
much in Europe and they are really present at stage probably because all the experience.
The lyrics are wellwritten which I think have much with their mature age to do haha. What
I think of most is that the fight against the society injudtice are important wheter you are
15 or 40. I have really loved the swedish band Körsbärsfettera and still do, but now will
The Bristles ascend the throne as the best band in Sweden. This CD is also out as an LP.

Burnt Cross - Paths to persecution / Cress -
Peace through superior firepower. split 7"

I have played this EP so many times with the intention to write a review, but I have chicken out.
Because this is the best EP of the year. Nothing can beat this. It’s co-released by 7 labels - Strawberry
Punx, Distro-y, Tadpole, Rusty Knife, Active Rebellion, Lukket Avdelning and Loud. And I will give a
big fucking hug and thanx to Pablo from Strawberry Punx, cheers to you for the trading because this
EP was almost sold out before it was released. I have interviewd Burnt Cross in an earlier issue of
Schizo Fanzine, but since they are so fucking brilliant are they interviewd in this issue as well, a big
thanx to Rob in B.C who put me on their thanx list. And the music, I hope you all have heard Burnt
Cross who play fucking pissed-off anarkopunk, the best existing band right now, and as Jobby say in
the Power Is Poison-intie is it a bit sad that Burnt Cross play too much live. They are so much D.I.Y, a
great co-realease and the music is recorded (and written) by Rob and his brother do the vocals and all
is recorded on a fucking 8-track... in Rob’s bedroom. But wait, there is more (haha fucking commercial
chat), the B-side offer another great anarcho band. Another UK band... Cress, and it’s much anti-war
propaganda (on both sides of this ep) and I like the way both B.C and Cress do it, it sounds much
more serious than the anti-war band with japan-dbeat influences. Thanx for this release, anacho punk
when it’s the best. I am fucking lyric.

The Capaces - Whatever it is, I’m against it. CD

Fucking hell, The Capaces is a spanish band that doesn’t mind to waste energy. By the way, Martillo,
the leadsinger wrote about her view of the punk scene in Schizo #4 if you like this band then take a
look at that, she seems to be a sensible girl. Anyway, the music is so fucking captivating. 110% pogo
in full speed. If I should search for “rock n roll punk” in a dictionary will it be a picture of The Capaces
and a text - The only band that really count even better than the New Bomb Turks. They don’t waste
a fucking second, it’s rock n roll from the beginning til the end and even if this kind of garage punk
doesn’t use to touch me will I have to say that The Capaces is something extra. I can recommend
you to watch their videoclips at their Myspace. The video to the great song “Stay Punk” are really
cool made. They do a Dwarves cover and the last song is not really made or preformed by The
Capaces, but it’s still a really great song. Whatever it is, I’m against it. Great job, I hope you will
come to Sweden som day. I am really glad that Dominik from NATD got in touch with me. It’s
amazing to discover bands with this high class

Contagion - Irreparable damage

This demo is the bands first demo and the 4 tracks isn’t bad but it’s not hard to hear that it is their first demo.
As I said, not bad but I think Contagion can do it better. They would maybe have to find their own style of the
sound. So what is this all about...? Pretty slow and rough crust with some punkmetal segments. This USband
have wide influences when it comes to punk. Everything from straight anarch punk to grind, but a band
I want to compare Contagion most of will be Amebix. I am not a big fan of slow crust but I can’t complain too
much. I know that Contagion will focus to write new songs insted of playing live at the moment

Cow Mag # 8. Fanzine. July 2008

A big eloge to Ted who continue to bring culture to the people via paper zines. The fancy cover in
colour are nice, who fucking want blackwhite warpictures when you can get it this clean. The only
thing is that it look just like the cover of # 7. But fuck it, this fanzine are written in swedish, I wish that
Ted could write in english because Cow Mag is a great fanzine who are worth to be spread out in the
world. Inties with: Antipati, Gatans Lag, Anatomi 71, Vervain, Besthöven, The Cliches and Makabert
Fynd. When I start to read Cow Mag is it impossible for me to stop reading because every page enjoy
me. All swedes out there, support the scene/zinescene and get in touch with Ted

The Cremators - CD (Heptown Records)

This swedish band play a mix of psychobilly, punk and a little touch of rockabilly. I don’t really know what to
write, if you ask me is their sound just what I could assume from the beginning. It’s not a bad band, but they
don’t have any special things that touch me. It would maybe be the vocals it fits the music very much. I think
that The Cremators would be much better live. I have been listen to this kind of music for so many years and
I am weary of it. But as I said, I think lot’s of pshycobillys will like The Cremators. But I doesn’t feel anything
at all. It is 6 tracks on 18 minutes.

Cries of pain, CD 2008
This CD have 11 songs and the lyrics are much about animal rights, or rather how anmials are
treated without rights. The lyrics are short and very straight on. There is some difference in the
music on this CD comparing to the later recordings it’s much faster, more straight hardcore
anarchopunk and a bit less MDC style. Get this CD and/or Weltall with all their releases.

Daggers - Along the acheron. CD. (Anchors Aweight Records)

The press letter tells that Daggers sometimes cross the border to black metal and doom, I don’t know
if I can agree with black metal. The lyrics are nothing that will make you so happy that you jump
around with a smile on your lips. It’s pretty dark, and so are the music, dark hardcore with some dark
crust parts. This is not really my cup of teaeven if l enjoy listening to this record. It’s 13 songs on 33
minutes that is perfect suitable for me. Hm, oh I just remember which band I think of when I hear the
song “I owe you nothing” It’s the band Shield who was one of all bands in the Umeå sXe-era. I like the
melancholic sound, the song “Mercenary masses” is one of the best track without any doubt. I really
prefer the punk/crust/hc parts before the slow and for me boring parts, but that’s the way Daggers play
and there’s probably a lot of people who like that. Even if I like Daggers are they too dark for my taste

Eskatologia - Promo CD

Eskatologia is a band with nice plans for the future. A split 10" with the great russian band Distress
and also an upcomming 7". There is one song from each of those projects on this promo plus an
exclusive song just for the promo. This is the neo-crust style with mixes from hardcore and metal
and with crust feelings as well. What I like is the melancholic guitar riffs. I have always loved melancholic
stuff, probably because that’s a side of my character. This Gothenburg band play their music
very well and the recording is also well done, something that fits this kind of music. You really know
what you will get and I can really recommend to keep your eyes open for their upcomming releases
ecpecially if you like the releases from Halvfabrikat, who will be a part of the split release with
Distress. A band in the same genre are one of my favourites - M40, the biggest difference is that
Eskatologia play more metal.

Fed up! - Fuck your life (CD)
United Riot Records - www.myspace.com/unitedriotrecords

Fed Up! is a really tight and aggressive hardcore band from New York. And they deliver songs in
the best old school spirit with bands like Murphys Law, Agnostic Front and Warzone belong their
influences. Fed Up! is just as great as those bands, some of their songs are even better than the
classic bands. Fed Up have been around for some years now and this CD was released in 2008,
this year (2010) did they release a new album. Of the 16 songs on this CD are Hostile attitude,
Return and Chupa Chocha fucking superb. The only thing with this kind of hardcore is that many
songs can sound very similar. But fuck that, I like Fed Up! as hell.

Fed Up! - Live (CD)
I think this is the “Live at CBGB” who was released 2009. Its nice sound for a live recording and
this NYHC are probably meant to be live, I get pictures inside my head of crazy slampogodancing
people. I have just listen to this CD in my laptop and the loudspeakers are not the best, even if
the sound is great do I wish a heavier sound. If you like bands like Warzone etc can I just
recommend Fed Up!

Fed Up! - Sheer poetry. CD (United Riot Records)

I reviewed Fed Up in the last issue of Schizo Fanzine. And this is their new album Sheer Poetry. Well
the lyrics are true poetry, if they will be taken with a scrap of little consideration. I’m not that strict, so
there is some text lines I can laugh at. But I don’t really understand the lyrics of “Band of brothers” to
show respect for the fallen soldiers. I hope it’s made with irony. Ok, to the music. New York old school
hardcore, don’t mix up this Fed Up with the other Fed Up from (I have forget where the other are from).
Fed Up! are aggressive and when new bands will be formed in N.Y will Fed Up be among the new
bands influenced togheter with Agnostic Front, Muprhys Law etc... you see my point. And back to the
lyrics, the great song “Agitated” have a message I can understan “Just wanna be left alone drink my
life away. Just wanna be left alone so get the fuck away”. And since I’m pretty openminded can I laugh
at the lyrics for the song “PMS”. “Fuck your life” is another great song. There is 12 songs on almost 24
minutes. That’s good, otherwise can they tend to sound to similar all the time. If you like all the classic
NYHC bands will you like Fed Up! for sure. Not a single weak track. This album was released 2010,
and I am already looking for next release.

Forfucksake - Trapped like a rat (CD) Unrepentant Records

FFS is like a mix between Total Chaos and The Business with more focus on Total Chaos. Chantal
have a voice that will break windows, and I can agree with some people that think her voice is just
too much sometimes, but I love it in general. As you might know are my respect for US punkbands
not the best. But FFS change my opinions pretty much and this 16 track CD can easy go on repeat
on and on. If you listen to Ungovernavble Resistance Radio have you probably heard the already
classic song “Cheers to beers” [All of the punx say CHEERS TO BEERS!, grab a cuople 40s and we
drink away our cares. All of the punx say CHEERS TO BEERS! getting fucked up while the music
fucks our ears] Chantal is the lead singer, but there’s three other members in the band who sing, just
like in the song “Crap of the world” one of my favourite song... and they do it just as good as Chantal.
Raw fucking punk with a big fuck off attitude. I have a couple of copys of this CD in the distro. Buy
it for fuck sake, the profit will go to Punk Illegal. So support the DIY scene. I don’t remember where
I read it, but FFS is not street punk, this is raw punk with a touch of crust/käng.

Freedumb - The freedumb curse. CD. (Chimney records)

I haven’t heard the latest recordings by classic Bad Brains, but I can just guess that they have a
similar sound as Freedumb. Freedumb have bring lot’s of influences from the old school hardcore into
their music. I like it, even if there is old school is it very fresh and modern whitout to be boring in some
way. I don’t know if there is their intentions but sometimes can I think of GBH and their record Punk
Junkies...or if it was called Junk Punkies... who was released sometime in the mid 90.s There is
nothing bad with that, I like that record. I also start to think about the swedish band Svart Snö, because
of the sound. There is 14 songs on this record...or is it? At least 14 songs, and they mix the
lyrics in both english and norwegian and since I think that norwegian is a bitt silly (sorry to all people
from Norway) do I like the songs with english lyrics but I do like the title of the 4th song - Mitt liv er
basert på en sann historie (My life is based on a true story). Freedumb have a great mix of punk,
hardcore and some trash as well. The coverart is excellent and beautiful, it’s cover art like this that
wake the first interesting. My favorite songs: Trashtalker, Wasted youth and Weekender. It’s not an
easy work to find a special favourite since all 14 + 1 are great. This is something for you that like the
old school hardcore bands but want something new and not tend to be copys of the original bands.

Jamie Clarke’s Perfect - Fucking folkabillie rock CD (Wolverine Records)

Even if I love (irish) folkrockbands have I felt for a long time that there have been to many of them.
Some of them are really really great and some are fucking bad. The most part of them are of course
Pogues-wannabes. So what do I think about Jamie Clark and his Perfect? I fucking like it, it have a
sound that remain me of the first time I heard Blood Or Whiskeys first record. I don’t like Blood Or
Whiskey nowadays so Jamie Clark came in the right time for me. If you reckon the name can it be
because of he use to play the guitar in... The Pogues. The Perfect was formed back in 1997, so it’s not
a new band even if they have change line-ups some times. Their live gigs contain of both their own
stuff and also The Pogues. The music is not like Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly, they have their
own style with lot’s of banjo and melodies. Folk rock is the perfect description for this band since they
tend to have a rockabilly sound but the banjo make the folk inspiration stronger. The press letter say
straight contrary, that the banjo make the sound more into rockabilly...well, it’s the listener who decide.
The full length will probably be released in the end of 2010.

Johnny Rocket - Dance embargo. CD (Wolverine Records)

Psychobilly have been a big subculture in the punk for pretty long time now. I have always prefered
rockabilly. And here we have punkabilly. I have heard lot’s of bands that try to play this kind of rock n roll
punk, but without success. Here we have a band, or if I have understand it right, one man - Johnny
Rocket - who play all instruments and this is success as hell. Some of the songs are pure rockabilly
while some other are more punkinfluenced but the rockabilly is a big part in all songs. Bad for me is that
there is so many fucking posers that like this music, I don’t know how genuine but I fucking hate them,
they stole my rockabilly for fuck sake. Johnny Rockets vocals remind me of the singer in swedish
Twopointeight and I don’t really know if I like it. No the vocals is the only thing that I don’t like with this
CD. Some of my favourite songs: “Where do you go honey” - which is a catchy song with a great chorus.
“Do it for my sake” - a fast rockabilly song. And “I wrote your letter” who is a fucking punkabilly hit. If Tom
Powder from the swedish rockabilly band Black Knights would have been the singer should this record
get top grades from me because I’m not really keen with the way Johnny Rocket sing.

Leche Frita - Directo Parque Holandes

Im so sorry, But I can’t stand the vocals. The music is ok punkrock nothing more nothing less. I
can see the band playing at the local pub or something, but the vocals destroy everything. And
the lyrics are in spanish so I don’t know what they sing about. If I’ve understand it right is Leche
Frita an old band, formed in the 80’s. They seems to be great guys but I will never listen to this

Leche Frita - Live (CD-r)

Damn, just when I promised myself to never listen at Leche Frita again did I get even more stuff
in my mailbox. I don’t know if this is live, the sound is pretty good, but they are NOT good on their
instruments. It sounds like a punkband that play together for the first time and can’t handle their
instruments. And I still cant stand the vocals. I’m so sorry. I use to like when bands sing in their
own language, but I don’t like anything with this. What the fuck is happen in track 5 - “Houston
tenemos un problema”?? Shit, can’t listen to all tracks... 11 tracks would make me insane. If
someone anytime want to torture me... guess what your best weapon will be?

Leche Frita - Los Niños (CD)

Once there was a swedish band called Raw Justice, their demo went pretty famous some years
after the release, because “important” people in the punk scene appoint that demo as the worst
demo ever. So, I have some copys of this CD in my distro, maybe it will be appointed as the worst
CD ever. It’s spanish punk rock and Oh my fucking fuck... Yeah, spanish punk rock, 4 songs with
a classic band, and if you have read the other reviews will you know what I think of Leche Frita, I
have to be honest even if the members seems to be great lads.

Locators - CD (Heptown Records)

Heptown keep on to spit out cool releases. This is a band from Denmark with members from
Nekromantix and Gorilla Angreb. Even if Locators not will be on my band-of-the-year-list is it a
nice debut CD. The music remind me a bit of some classic bands from the UK 77-era but they also
have something own something new, the clear sound really highlight the music and I can’t complain
at the good production this time because it create dynamic in the music. There isn’t many bands
who can create old-school punk in this high class, many bands play too fast or have bad vocals. It
sounds pretty much that Locators like this kind of punk and listen much to 77-punk. There is 11
songs on this CD and a bit over 30 minutes. I like the energy in the first song The end of the world.
The song Home have an old but fresh sound. I like the chorus in Fear. Almost all songs have
something that help Locators to be a interesting band in general.

McRackins - It aint over easy. CD (Wolverine records)

Here’s the album with the most colourfull coverart, but probably the worst band reviewed in this
issue. It’s all about mainstream college pop-punk, and I don’t see anything fun in their behaviour.
No it’s not like Green Day, it’s like the bands you hear in amrican college school movies when
there’s party. Brr... I can’t fucking stand it. American pure shit. I don’t think it doesn’t matter what I
write, because I think their records will sell really good anyway.

Mighty Midgets - Raising ruins for the future . CD

I can admit that I used to listen very much to bands like Pennywise and Millencolin in the mid 90s
and Bad Religion will always be some kind of heroes. But even though Mighty Midgets are a well
playing band in that school and have shared stage with bands like Unseen and Real Mckenzies is
there something I don’t like. The most common when it comes to punk is to say that the old things
was the best. And I will say it again. I can still enjoy a demo song with Millencolin but this genre have
become so much mainstream poprock and I don’t like it at all. Might Midgets have done lot’s of tours
since their start 2006. Sure, Mighty Midgets are sometimes really hard but they flirt to much with the
Good Charlotte style in the way how the sing. I can also hear influences of Yellowcard and Rise
Against and the problem for me is the fucking mainstream, I think they are capitalistic boybands
who try to be some rockstars and flirt with 15 years old girls with to much make up. I can hear the
potential in Might Midgets, but it’s easy, I don’t like this kind of music, This Danish band can tour how
much they want, as long as they keep their music away from my apartment. What’s the odds for
them to play at West Coast Riot 2011?

the Nazi Dogs - Old habits die hard. LP (Wanda Records)

Yay, a band that sounds like a mix between The Buzzcocks and Blanks 77. That’s just what I am in
mood for now. This German band really know how to do it. It’s a punk rock party from the first song to
the last, and yes, they are from Germany even if it sound more british or even american. Their attitude
is the fucking up yours, two fingers in the air, wankers, it might be a bit studied, I’m not really sure but
I don’t fucking care this time because when I put this LP on my record player and the music start will
it take me back to some nasty punk club in a London alleway. The songs have a tendens to merge
togehter but it’s not a problem I think it would have been worse if it was 30 songs, now it is 14 catchy
songs. I like this a lot and look forward to new releases. Up the punx!

Niestroy - Weltall, CD (Cut out records)
Weltall CD 2010

Let me use a german word - überklasse. This is not just their 5-songs CD Weltall. This contain even
their EP Ashamed and their CD from 2008 Cries of pain. All songs are in mp3 but who care, it’s a
great offer. And the best thing is that Niestroy is a fucking great band. A bit classic german in their
angry vocals, they really got something special. I haven’t heard any other band with this sound
before. The first song start like some kind of funk-punk-hiphop before it turn into hardcore in the
chorus. The music are often pretty slow while the vocals are screamy and angry. They sing in
german so I don’t understand much. But here we are again, I like when bands sing in their own
language. Niestroy is a difficult band to review. The music remind me of MDC sometimes

Nobelkommitén - Innan livet exploderar (CD)
www.nobelkommiten.se (www.heptownrecords.se)

What the hell is happen in Sweden. First out was Körsbärsfettera and then came Glidslem
and now Nobelkommitén who play classic old swedish punkrock. The press letter told me
lot’s of good stuff about this band, and my thought was: well we’ll see... But Nobelkommitén
really kick me in the kidneys with their attitude. The singer have a great voice not so close
from Agent Bulldogg. A big plus to the background choirs. Nobelkommitén have a sound
that could put them on the old swedish “Ny våg” 2-cd compilation. They really have that
genuin old sound. Classy! Some of my favourite songs: Idiot, Brustet hjärta and Dynamit.It’s
cool with all the new Swedish bands and this is yet another great release from Heptown

Orchard of the living - The continual exhange. CD

I must start to say that this is a very generous band, not just that you will get a sticker and a patch with this
CD, they have also given some copys of this CD to my distro for supporting Punk Illegal. So get in touch if
you want to buy this CD. This DIY band mix the sound with metal and crust, often slow crust, it’s not easy to
review Orchard of living, they have a very special sound. And the lyrics are special as well. They haven’t
chose the easy way with lyrics about war war war, no the lyrics are more personal and reflect the society
pretty well. Since there is an insert with the lyrics can you interpret them by yourself. I’m not very much into
the metal scene so I can’t find any band to compare Orchard with. But the crustpunk are a bit like Amebix.
Check out my

Outlaw Bastards - Demo 2010

I can’t do anything but lift my hat for Outlaw Bastard and their music. High class rock n roll inspired
crust with a fucking flow and go. Heavy and brutal. Just what I need after som reviews with music I
didn’t like. Outlaw Bastards is from Mexico, Tijuana. After all (true?) rumours about Tijuana is it great
to be able to introduce something REALLY great from that city - Outlaw Bastards. The 3 songs on
this demo is total 10 minutes. I really want to compare Outlaw Bastards with the swedish band
Loudpipes, maybe not as much rock n roll parts as the Loudpips but there is something with the mix
of heavy great punk and rock n roll. I will fucking give Outlaw Bastards 5 donkeydicks of 5. When we
are talking about heavy music so take one part of Motorhead and one of the best part from Skitsystem
and the result will be Outlaw Bastards. It can’t be much better.

Prins Carl - New order Promo

This is 5 songs from their fullenght album who I don’t think is released yet, their looking for a
label, but I don’t guess it will be hard to find a label who will release these songs. Prins Carl is
just in the same class than all other Oi! bands in Sweden, or even better. The first time I heard
this band did they not touch me at all, then I watched them live and shit what a diffrence. Now
when I listen to this 5 tracks can’t I avoid to dance a bit. Maybe it’s more punk than Oi! and the
lyrics are more into the society than just “hooligans” “skinhead” and “drinking” plus all other
clichés who make so many band boring. The leadsinger Johan have a great voice. I use to
complain on swedish bands and so many singers who try to sound so fucking macho, Johan have
the right voice so he can concentrate of singing insted of just do that growl-macho-fucking-boring
vocals. I will follow the future of Prins Carl and hope it will be bright

Radical Crush-Demo

I will not even try to pronounce this songs, I will just listen and like it. Because that’s what I do, or I
can’t do something else when the song “Hazudj” turn over to east european “folk-ompa”. Radical
Crush comes from Veszprém, an area in Hungary wich you can read about in Schizo #2. And I hope
there will be a mini article about Hungary in this issue of Schizo. Okey, back to the music, after a lot
of crust and trash is it not wrong with Radical Crush who play more soft, maybe more like punk/pop
without to sound like any of those boy-bands or college-pop. The punkrock is still there. But Radical
Crush can’t be a boyband since they have the beautiful Kovács on bass. Why is it always the girls
who play the bass? This demo is free to download on their Myspace.

Radical Roots # 11. Fanzine. 52 Pages A5
This great hungarian fanzine is written in booth english and hungarian. In the interview I did with
the editor Kova will you figure out that Radical Roots is focused on the skinhead and streetpunk
scene. The interviews are with following bands: Moped Lads, Gonna Get Yours, The Eddies, Evil
Conduct, The Chernobyl Babies, Körsbärsfettera, The Hellfreaks, Steve Smith, The Protest,
Combat 77, Banditi, Foreign Legion, Plasmatics. You will also get a compilation CD with Radical
Roots-interviewed bands from # 10-12.

Råtukt - Demo

Råtukt is back, they changed name for a while, but there’s is Råtukt who is the current name now
and nothing else. Their kind of hardcore is not what I use to listen to, but I I like what I hear. It’s
heavy, the sound might not be fat as Raised Fist for an example but again, who need fancy studios?
And it’s more honest than rockstar-Refused, this is better and I like the sound of the guitar when
they play straight on. I know that this is ment to be, but for me is it almost a bit too much slow parts
with just noisy guitarsounds like in the song “Clumsy Mirrors” who start great until the slower part
destroy. Then we have the other problem - metal, I don’t like it in hardcore (or not in any kind of
music) but lucky that the hardcore dominate. And the vocals are hard as fucking rock. I don’t wanna
meet the singer in a dark alley in the middle of the night. It’s hard to understand that Råtukt was
formed in 2008, the sound is so tight and well played that I should guess that they’ve been formed
in 2001.

Screaming Vagina

Sometimes I wonder what bands in this genre will get out from their music. This is 39 songs most
about pussy in different ways: Smell of rotten pussy, We love deformed vagina etc... Some titles
can be fun, but since it’s impossible to hear the lyrics is it just totaly worthless. This gorecrust
project are from USA. I don’t like this at all.

Sir Reg - Cd. (APX Music)

I can say so much about this band, I use to play with these guys for some years ago, but we were called The
Barcrawlers and played irish folk covers. So I know this band very well. I wrote somewhere that the influences
come from DKM and Flogging Molly, and I still stand for my words that Sir Reg are better than those bands.
The musicians are fucking great and do this with a big passion. Karin who play the fiddle are fantastic which
you can hear in almost every song. Ok, in my opinion have this kind of music reach the culmination, and all
US-bands who play celticpunk have destroyed so much, I have talked about it before so I wont repeat that
issue now. But Sir Reg take this popular music to a higher level. There’s no need for fake irish-accent either
since Brendan are from Dublin. There’s 8 songs on this CD and I prefer the fast songs - “Feck the celtic tiger”
and “Arrive on Paddys day”. If you are into irish folkpunk, try Sir Reg, you wont be disappointed.

Slaughter 2017 - New world non-corporated CD

Solidarity! Struggle! Socialism! That’s the device for Slaughter 2017. And that’s what the lyrics are
about, hardcore political. I am not really into this kind of chugga-chugga metal, but the lyrics make
this all interesting and this russian band sing in english on this CD. The most fun thing is their E-type
cover with the orginal sample in the chorus. Ok, this is more than just that chugga-metal, they have
some fun and funny things and I guess they are good musicians. I like their style, the non-commercial
anti-capitalist stuff. I guess that if they had play ordinary metal with boring lyrics would I probably
have dislike it. But when I know it’s DIY can I listen and feel some interest in the music too. Promise
to take a look at Slaughter 2017 because this is much more than boring metal shit. There is some
good samples that make it almost like techno, as I sad, fun and funny parts but still very serious.

Slaughter 2017 - Tomorrow belongs to us, CD (Always at war)

Just like the other CD with Slaugther 2017 is this so much more than metal. It’s honest and there is
a punk-DIY attitude from the first song to the last. The only problem is that they have russian lyrics
on this CD. But in one song will some english appear, it’s about DIY and/or DIE. It’s so cool with the
electro-metal, I haven’t heard nothing like this before but I guess it exists in the commercial shit as
well, so I am glad that Slaughter 2017 is the first band I experienced in this genre. Well, I say it
again, try to listen to their Myspace, maybe you will find a new favourite band. To be honest is this
not my new favourite band, but they have open my mind a bit more. Cheers for that. Oh, there is also
some covers, with The Prodigy and Atari Teenage Riot. It’s so much different stuff on this CD so you
have to listen. It would be a book if I should describe everything.

Slaughtergrave vs. Lt Dan. Split

I don’t really know how to describe this. Slaughtergrave play a mix of crust and grind but sad enough is the sound
quality not good at all. Even if I use to nag about my thoughts about fancy studios is this sound bad. I like the
chaos sound and football sound in track 20. Slaughtergrave have 9 tracks and I know lot’s of people who like this
noisy Agathocles sound, and what I can hear thru the noise is pretty good music, I really hope that this greeceband
can do a decent recording soon (at least for me haha), so check up Slaughtergrave if you are into that kind
of crustgrind. And what about Lt Dan? Much better sound. And I like this american band from the first listening.
Really dirty grind whit a singer that sound like he have epilepsy, anyhow switch song and they fit eachother good.
All in all, a great split where Lt Dan win the battle.

Spotlicks - Demo.

Hell, this swedish band really know how to get a fucking great swedish 77 sound. It seems that I find a
brilliant swedish old school punk rock band to every issue like Körsbärsfettera and Glidslem. There’s 5
songs on this demo and they are all fucking great. My favourites are: “Tunneln” och “Felsök”. A big reason
why I like those songs are the vocals, and she is great in all songs. I like female vocals and Elin do a great
work. It’s not that classic sing-the-melody-like-the-guitar-riff all times, I like the crazy harmonies and the
melodies as well. Sörling from Close-Up and the eminent blog “Turist i tillvaron” got the same feeling as me
when I pass over Spotlicks to him, so he interviewed them for Close-Up Mag. And they are the band of the
month in this issue as well.

Subcultural Spirit Fanzine #2 - Fanzine. June 2010

I be so happy everytime I see a printed fanzine. This one is from Canada and written in english and as they write
- dedicated to mod and skinhead subcultures around the world. Interviews: The Templars, The Buzzcocks, Pointed
sticks, The Corps, Marching orders, Discharger, Crucial change, Moonstomp, Une vie pour bien and Last resort
tattoo shop. Scene report from Netherlands, reviews of books, info about Northern soul and of course record
reviews. I like this zine even though I prefer zines who mix genres and not are just into one genre. But what
Subcultural do insted of that is to mix bands from all corners of the world. I suggest that Oi bands and people in
that scene get in touch with this fanzine. The layout is simple and easy to read. Well done guys.


This croatian bands list some UK and US old school punk/hc bands. But I would also put in a
swedish act - the fucking mighty Anti Cimex. And while I’m into that old raw punk can I mention
Discard as well. Mix 1 band from 3 big punk countries - American Jerrys Kids, The UK - Discharge
and swedish Anti-Cimex and you will get the great band Subside. It is 6 songs on this demo and they
are good all over. My favourite songs are Violence and La•ne nade (False Hope) the last one maybe
just because they use their own language wich you know that I use to like. There will be an interview
with this excellent band in the future. This is just what I mean to discover new bands that are really
fucking good, sometimes is the work with the fanzine fucking fun, thanx to Subside this time for
some great pure old school hardcore

Trevolt - I all hast (promo CD)
www.myspace.com/trevoltpunk (www.heptownrecords.com)

Heptown Records are very active with their releases. But everything can’t be appreciated by everyone.
Trevolt are not a bad band but they are not my kind of punk. It’s just too boring even though it’s
well played with good sound but the final touch doesn’t exist, at least not in my ears. And I can’t find
any song who is worth to call a hit song. But there is one thing I really like, it’s the choir parts. I don’t
think I will listen to any of this 17 songs CD again. I rather put Räserbajs or No fun at all in my CD
next time.

Tuhkaus (CD)

Their Myspace doesn’t say much but step by step is there something who grow in me mind when I
listen to this band from Finland. They are so fucking raw. Even if it is grindparts and other raw shit is
it the vocals who are distinguish but I think that they should have switch song - one dark and one
with this light sounded voice, because this been too much after some songs. I like this band but The
voice of the vocals are so important for me and this would be really great with some changes, which
I hope they can do in the future. It’s mostly crust and hardcore with trash tendencies. 16 songs on 19
minutes. This cd is recorded in the late 2009 and the sound is more than great.

Under al kritik. LP (Bad hair life)

I did an interview with Under al kritik in Schizo #5, I’m not really satisfied with that inte when I read it
now. Even if I got good answers was my questions not the best. Ok enough about that. The reason why
I interviewed them is because I like their music. But I’m not really sure how to explain the music. If I start
to say punk, then hardcore, then a bit trash will I come close. The songs are pretty short and even if I
don’t understand everything, their lyrics are in danish, can I understand that the lyrics are dark like Sort
Psykose which mean Black psychosis. They also have a few instrumental songs which I find like good
“breaks”. I guess that they have influences from the old-school US bands, all in all is it a great crossover
and much melodies often in minor. They also remind me of a swedish band I have forget the name of,
but a hardcore band from the 80’s, not crust just fast punk with the trash mix. A few songs that I like are:
Forrykt. And the lyrics in Ingenting are so melancholic - “Hvorfor skal man slås, når man kan give op?
Hvorfor skal man Taenke, når man kan fölge trop? I will not translate it, do it yourself, I just like those
lines in danish. Im a bit bitter because I missed their gig in Stockholm, if I’ve understand it right has they
quit playing? Too bad.

Untimes #1 (Fanzine, PDF) 80 pages Russian

Shit, this fanzine is really cool, but the problem is that I can’t read or understand russian. I love
this kind of punk-layout in black/white and with a messy background. EVERYBODY who understand
russian, go to Untimes myspace and download this fanzine, you will get lot’s of reading.
And even 2 reviews of Schizo Fanzine.

Urban Rejects - State of the nation E.P (CD-r)

Wohoo, this CD start with an intro that make me wanna dance, nothing that happen me very often!
It’s a first wave Ska/Reggae intro by Sensi Ryder and The Small axe sound system. And it fit so
great to the first song of three with Urban Rejects. I can imagine the early punx dance to a Sound
system at some club and it will be fight and yeah... I have read to much about Shane Macgowan.
Okey, this is 77/Oi!-punk when it is like, the best. What they really show is that punk doesn’t need to
be fast fast faster... But guess what, this isn’t an UK band, Urban Rejects are from Germany. Think
of Last Resort, think of football violence und so weiter. The best thing is that they not focus their
lyrics about that concept with hools, skinheads, spirit of 69, their sound will automatic get you to
search about firm violence on Youtube. One thing I really hate is when US-bands sing about hooligans,
just because it is something that gonna be in streetpunk lyrics, for fuck sake, you don’t have
that phenomenon in US. You are not fucking Cockney Rejects, write about your own shit, you have
lot’s of it. Well, back to the topic, Urban Rejects are fucking great with perfect choirs and background
singing. High class! I can’t pick a favorite song, all of them are as good as the other.

Wages of fear - Broken system. CD (Bite me records)

Ok let’s take this from the start. Wages of fear have very strong influences from especially D.R.I who
was one of the first band in the 80.s who mixed punk and trash. Wages of fear isn’t any copycats, they
play this music because they like it, they are true and their lyrics are very serious, or at least very close
to the real life. Wages of fear was the band of the month (in May if I remember right) in Schizo Fanzine
#5, and of course was it a big reason why they became the band of the month. To be honest, I haven’t
listen much to this kind of crossover but Wages of fear open up doors for me to step in, in a half new
world. I have heard many of those bands before but not too much to call me dedicated haha. But it’s not
just D.R.I, other bands like S.O.D and Bad Brains can be heared in Wages of fears music. Since they
are from Canada will I also say Propagandhi from their early days when they had true anger in the
music. Because that’s something Wages have, anger! 15 tracks, 24 minutes, on this CD and I have it
on repeat. Fucking excellent.

Vaporizer - Straight edge bullshit. CD

I wouldn’t lie if i say that this is an All-star band with Jossan (guitars and vocals) and my favourite drummer Totta
from Körsbärsfettera, Päff (guitars and vocals) also play in Gatans Lag + some other bands, Slagge (bass and
vocals) played in the classic band Vrävarna. So what can this All-stars offer? Both Gatans Lag and Körsbärsfettera
sing in Swedish, so this is how they would sound if you smashed them together with english lyrics. Well, not really,
Vaporizer are harder and sounds pretty much like many other swedish bands in this genre, unfortunately. It’s not
Oi! which I think a lot of people will say just because of how they look, I would categorize it in the streetpunk genre,
and even if they sound much like other bands will I say that they are better than many other bands. If I am gonna
compare Vaporizer with something would it be a mix of Rancid, and to make it harder would I say Warzone for an
example. So it’s up to you, take a look at their myspace, they deserve it.

V/A Cracked pop skulls - Swedish hardcore comp. 7"
(Magsjuka records)

This is a nice piece of vinyl and of course related to Shit Lickers and their EP Cracked cop skulls. On
this EP will you find 4 bands - Haveri, Striktlickers, Anger Burning and Vasenkätinen. And the B-side
with Anger Burning and Vasenkätinen are the best, they fucking force the speed to max, fucking great
crust/käng. Haveri is also a good band. The only band I have problems with are Striktlickers, I’m sorry
Viktor, you are a nice and interesting lad, but I don’t like your band, it’s too noisy vocals. I don’t know
if there is any copys left of this EP, but send a mail to the contact and ask because I will say that this
is a classic EP and you have to own it. This is rawer than fucking raw. And the cover are looking like
Shit Lickers cover but there is punx beating popheads, very great artwork.

V/A Explosion du Sud. 21 groupes metal, ska, punk... du sud de la france CD

I like compilations but...(This is written before I’ve start to listen)... I’m afraid for the metal at this
CD,.we will see. I got this record from the great band Hippycore and this is all about music from the
southern part of France. 21 bands and Hippycore is the only band I’ve heard before. I will just write
about the bands I like. The first band out is Los Tados with the song La horde, I like it when they play
fast, it’s a fucking go in it, do that all the time insted of the slower parts, when they do their best are
they just as good as all the streetpunk bands around the world. Hippycore play their hardcorepunk and
do it great, I have my own opinions about the band name, but fuck that, it’s a great band and that’s
what counts. Tusta Bueta play ska in the veins of Voodoo Glow Skulls and No Sports, there’s is no
secret that I love ska music but prefer the first wave and the second as well. I think that the brass
section do a great job, this isn’t the best band but it was fun to hear. There is 4 other ska bands on this
CD which are almost in the same class as Tusta Bueta. Les Sans Valises have a touch of southern
europe folk music in their sound with an accordion that make 90% of the sound. I don’t know anything
about the band but I like it and will probably look after more songs, maybe on Spotify. Psyllium is
another band with accordion and I must say that I love it. The mix of punk and french folkmusic are
really working for me, it’s the parts with vocals that disturb me. Well now when I will summarize this
compilation must I say that 50% are real rubbish. The ska acts are good. But when it comes to punk
is it just Hippycore I can mention, there is some acts that maybe will count in to the punk genre but
don’t give me a shit. But it was fun to hear what France (the south part) has to offer. I already know that
France have good stuff, most in the Oi! scene.

V/A Fuck Corporate Wank Volume 1 (Download, CD)

This is fucking high class, a cooperation between Screaming from the gutter and Ungovernable
Resistance. And all profit will go to Doctors without borders. So please, donate 3 euro, I have
already done it so now it’s your time. This is the first volume of 3, and you will get 24 songs with 24
bands. But it’s not just what you will get, it’s what you can do, when you donate those 3 euro as a
benefit for Haiti. Well, I will write about some bands now. Burnt Cross is fantastic as always, the
best anarchopunkband right now. The next band I wanna cherrish are Defekt with their great raw
punkrock. Filthy Charity is the first band out who really “manglar” as hell with their crust/grind.
Antabus is the only swedish band on this volume (I think they are swedes) and they play a great
crust/hc song. And of course I have to meantion For Fucksake with Chantal how is singing, so
fucking raw. Per Capita is another band that Ung.Res radioshow introduced to me. I don’t really
know where to put them, in wich genre? D.beat, Hardcore, Crust, well, mix it and you will get Per
Capita. Hm, this is ridiculous, there is 24 bands and they are all worth to mention, but an advise is
to visit the Ungovernable Resistance myspace blog, where you can see the whole playlist. Don’t
remember, your 3 euro will go straight to Doctors without borders and their work in Haiti. 3 euro is
fucking cheap for so much music. You will also get the front cover art and much more. Support the
poor people in Haiti now.

V/A - I hate my life - Songs to kill your boss to
(Goodtime Records)

I fucking love America when they do like this insted of all other crap that comes from America. Well, I’m not sure
if all bands are from America on this compilation who miss info about the bands and even contact info. But Fed Up
is one of the bands on this Cd and they are from US. 23 tracks and bands and it start brutal from the beginning
and I like it fucking much. Lot’s of violent hardcore and also lot’s of grind beats. One of the bands is Prisonbitch
and they play great grind and that’s a band I wish I was the singer in, I don’t know why but their grind are fucking
brutal and the slower sticks pump up the adrenaline to max. I fucking feel for a fight when I listen to this compilation,
isn’t that’s a good grade huh? Some other bands: Un Quarto morto, No such luck, Malparido, The Strugglers
and Craterface.

V/A In all your decadence
Unity and strenght - A Cd Compilation - V/A
Unity and strength Records - http://www.myspace.com/martynwest

This is two fantastic compilations from Unity and Strength Records. I can’t review every band. It’s
33 bands and 78 minutes of punk on “In all your decadence” I write punk, because it’s lot’s of
different punk, maybe most crust, but it’s so much different kind of crust as well and then we have
“Spam!” who also mix in some ska in their song. “Burnt Cross” contains with their song “(S)mother
Earth” and they are really my favourite band now. “The Casual Terroist” sounds like if you give me
two bottle of whiskey and a un-tuned guitar and maybe english accent. But I think I play better
harmonica than him. There is some bands I’ve heard of, but the majority of the bands are new for
me. “Global Parasite” belong to one of the best on this compilation. The Trash-Harcore band
SSCP are also worthy to mention.

V/A Punk bands from hell for 6.66 tracks CD (Univers sale)

Strange fucking compilation from France. I got this as well from Hippycore, but I first thought it was
some kind of black metal compilation when I looked at the cover, or a digipack with In Flames or
something crappy shit like that. There’s 13 bands on this CD and 28 songs and there is NOT any
black metal. But there is some different punk genres mixed which I am more than happy to
enourage. Even if there’s some bands that not are what I like is there other bands that do it very
well, like the fast hardcore bands: Leptik Ficus, Drie Lagen and Hippycore. Some other of the
bands are what we in Sweden call “Trall-punk” which is more happy. One back beat band is find on
this compilation, it’s Edef Inna Babylone who mix reggae and dub and some punk, I like their song.
Oh, Tados are not too bad either. Viva la France.

V/A Punk Chartbuster vol. 6. Double CD (Wolverine rec)

This is a cover compilation, 48 tracks with mostly or maybe only german punk bands. The covers are hits in all
ways, what about “Beat it” (Michael Jacksson) by Scallwags in a punkversion, or Barroom Heroes who play a
song I really like “This is life” (Amy McDonald) and they do it ok. And a really nostalgy hit is “Life is life” (Opus) by
Ramazuri in this case. There is also some songs where the orginal is german artists or bands that I don’t have a
clue about. CD 1 also offer Rick Asthley and Bo Diddley covers and of course much more. And we’ll take a look
at CD2... the second track is “Satisfaction” (Rolling Stones) made by Punk Jones, det music is ok but the vocals
is too artificial. The swedish contribution is “Sleeping in my car” (Roxette) by Supervoss. One of the best thing to
do a cover of is probably “Looking for freedom” (David Hasselhoff) made by No Talent Necessary. Hasselhoff is
the king haha. Why Ni Ju San will cover Nickelback is unbelievable for me, uhhh. Moped Lads make “It’s my life”
(Bon Jovi) pretty good. And well, all in all will I give this record 5 hits of 10. There is some good covers, some bad,
some fun, some uninteresting und so weiter.

V/A Quartet master pils - Á consommer sans medératiom... CD

Oh, even more from the great band Hippycore. This is a 4-way split with 4 french bands. I will try to
write some lines about each and every of them. And the first band is just Hippycore that play punk
rock n roll pretty fast with the trash touch. And just like all the other bands do they have 2 songs on
this CD. Their songs are far from the best they have done. But I like the bass and guitar riffs in the
verses in the first song Baby or not baby. Next band out is Saturn. Their first song is a boring ska
song and the other sound a bit like Millencolin, very melodic. Edef Inna Babylone from Toulouse mix
ska, skate, punk and also have a flute. I think I should have liked them when I was around 15...for
15 years ago, but today are the pretty meaningless for me. Noisorkestra have one song that
contained on Explosion de Sud, with strong NOFX influences. I like NOFX but I don’t really like this
copys. Their second song is a ska-punk song, melodic as fuck. I’m not really sure when this CD
was recorded but it sounds very much skatepunk 1997, except Hippycore (who take the victory on
this 4-way split, but without to shine).

V/A Unity and Strength - A CD Compilation
Since both these compilations is free to download will
I just recommend that you download them and discover some new bands. On this will I just namedrop
a few bands, like “Acid tounge”, “Armies of anger”, “Burnt Cross” of course, “Down to kill” are one
of the best on this comp. with their angry hc/punk, well, I will let you discover by yourself. If you are
a poser and just care about how you look, don’t bother to download these compilations, but if you
like to hear new stuff download them right now. My personal thought is that “Unity and strength - A
CD comp.” is better than “In all your decadence” but thats just maginal.

Radical roots of 69, 77 and 21st century - Compilation CD
Songs of interviewed band from Radical Roots #10, 11 and 12

Yes the device says it all, Radical Roots are an Hungarian Fanzine, it will be an interview in this
issue with Kova, the editor of RR. It’s much skinhead and Oi! influenced and there is a lot’s of great
bands in the world who play in that genre so it’s great with a zine who’s concentrated on that
scene. It’s a great initiative with this comp.cd, after hearing the songs will the inties be even more
interesting, or vice versa will it be fun to listen at songs after reading about the bands. It’s 24 songs
on 69 minutes so you will get loads of great music with bands like: Körsbärsfettera, Gonna get
yours and one of the best band ever - Abrasive Wheels. Some other bands who is more than Ok:
Albert Fish, The Eddies and Combat 77. I really recommend you to get a copy of Radical Roots
fanzine + this CD with great Oi!/Punk from almost every corner of the world

Radio Riot Vol III - Music for the masses
Brown bag propaganda

I am not probably alone to write this, but the paper bag wrapping are a cool idea, and especially
when the label is called Brown Bag Propaganda. I have reviewd earlier stuff from BBP and there
are always high class. It’s 25 bands who play one song each and different kind of punk and
hardcore. I have to mention straight on that both my old bands contribute, it’s Diskent who is really
Mob 47 influenced and also Pass Out, I think that we played straight punk. The geographic area is
not the biggest, it’s much american bands, germans, a few UK, one from Denmark and one Aussie
band, and my 2 swedish. I wont’t review all bands but I can tell you that it’s much punkrock close
to street punk. Battle Flask are always great (I like the title Smile - tomorrow will be worse) and so
are Mighty Midgets, or they are great musicians but read the individual review. A catchy punkrock
band from Germany called Defecation Area are interesting with their skatepunk mixed with pure
punkrock. The UK band Celebrity Stalker would be interesting to hear more of, great punkrock.
Oh, Animal Train is fucking good piss-off punkrock, I love it. The worst bandname on this compilation
must be Streetpunk Drunks, and they are from UK, I didn’t thought... Well at least is their
song ok but I don’t know if they have all these cliches just to piss me off. And at last, Pure
Dynamite are another interesting band, their song is a bit street punk with pure punk rock. Order
this fantastic compilation from Brown Bag Propaganda, or if you are in Europe get in touch with me
since I have it in my distro. And all the profit from me will go to Punk Illegal.

This is your God. 4-way split. Tape

This is a 4-way split tape and the first band out are Muerte De La Pega from Greece with 13
song. I was prepared for some shitty goregrind sound. But MDLP are pretty good, the recording
sound is perfect for this kind of music, and what kind of music is it? Well, hardcore punk, a bit
trash with some old US HC influences. Just the song title of “We fuck metalcore” make MDLP to
my fucking heros. Next band is Primordial Sounds from Belgium and here we go... Noisecore
recorded with a taperecorder. I don’t really like this shit, I can’t say if they are a great band, I
prefer noise with the prefix grind (grindnoise) There is 2 tracks (whitout any name) so sure, I
guess they had fun recordning this, but I don’t think it just boring shit. Turn the tape to Side B and
the first band out will be Slaughergrave from Greece with 9 tracks. It sounds like it is more than
one recording session. When the sound are better is it easier to hear the grind and noise,
sometimes growling song and sometimes more like crust. Some songs are fucking brutal and I
like that. The last band out are Unfit Scum which I think is the best on this tape. It’s noisy but still
a lot’s of crust. They are from Brazil, check them up.

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