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Anatomi-71 - Från primat till reptil (CD)


Distorted bass. d-beats, well you know the rest. But not this time. Anatomi-71 first hit me hard with their fantastic and intellectual lyrics. Reading their lyrics must be the same feeling for a religious person who read the holy bible. I can just praise the God of Crust. And the next thing that smash my face is the power in their sound, the power in their riffs and the power in the vocals. I didn't remember how good this band was before I heard this CD. They focus on the apathy in their lyrics insted of the music, that's bands like this we need 2011. This boys really know how to handle their instruments and they arrange everything very well. 10 tracks, 22 minutes, so it's just to find the reply button because this album will just get better and better. Raw and brutal, amen!

Animal Puke on the Puke Train
Animal Train/The Pukes/Mike Puke (3-way 7")

Animal Train is productive with much gigs and releases, their three tracks on this 7" have potential but there is still something who I miss, it will be interesting to hear this band on their next release with new songs, two of three tracks on this split is from their last EP. I don't know if it is their lack of knowledge how to play their instruments who make them sound so untight or if it is this kind of sound they want. The vocals is a bit delayed. I really hope they will fix it to next time because I still think Animal Train can be a band for me because I like 3-chord punk and they also sound a bit like the old classic UK anarchopunk bands. The Pukes sounds a bit like Blanks 77 on a demo level, but not really that good as Blanks, maybe a bit more british. Mike Puke from The Pukes have a soloproject and his project is best on this red vinyl EP. Pure punkrock, and even more similar to Blanks 77 than The Pukes is. This is a good DIY 3-way compilation with bands I hope can be better in the future. But as always - support the scene, you'll always have the chance to find you some good punkrock.

Antilectual - Start from scratch! CD
(5 Feet Under Records) www.5feetunder.com

This is not my cup of tea at all. Melodic pop-punk ala. It says like it is in the veins of Propagandhi. Maybe the last stuff Propagandhi released, I remember that I heard it for some years ago and didn't liked it at all, the raw sound and songs they once use to have was gone, far away. So I think Antilectual can be very influenced by the pop spirit of Propagandhi. Antilectual also remain of Bad Religion but not so good as Bad Religion. Sometimes is the vocals pretty close to Nicola in Millencolin. And the music is well played but I don't like this US-college-poppunk. The only nice is that they explain the lyrics in the coversheet. Just to be a bit formal, Antilectual are from The Netherlands, there is 12 songs, noone is listenable for people who don't like mainstream poppunk
and the play time is 35 minutes, sometimes painfull 35 minutes.

Asta Kask / Crispy Nuts Split EP

This is a really cool split and who would thought for 15 years that Asta Kask would have all their new releases. They are older, but still a great band, both on records and particulary when it comes to their live gigs. They have always belong to my top-5 whole my career in the punk scene. They have really reformed with class. Bonnie and Bjurre from Asta Kask had some good years in the band Cosa Nostra and my opinion is that "new" Asta Kask sounds a bit like Cosa Nostra. But the first track on this EP is a song that really sound like the "old" Asta Kask and that's great. Their other track is a Crispy Nuts cover, I didn't realized that first but I heard that something was wrong, it wasn't the pure Asta sound so I had right, when I read inside the sheet did I understand that both bands played a cover of eachother. Crispy Nuts play Lasse Lasse Liten, but I don't know if I like their version because there is no rhymes in the lyric. Crispy Nuts are not bad but I don't know if I'm gonna play their side on 33 or 45 rpm, even if there's gonna be 45 rpm is it something wrong. But in the end is this EP cool, and I think this is one of the longest review I have write of and EP, but that's just because Asta Kask is a significant band for me.

Atomic Pollution - Bastard Polluter (digital, free DL)

Two new songs from Atomic Pollution with a big fuck off message to the oil company BP. The music is good as always, not any big differences. And when it comes to this kind of anarcho punk is the voice samples there as always. This EP are just as the earlier releases free to download, and I think you'll do the best to do it. Cover sheet and lyrics are enclosed so you can make a physical copy of this EP if you want. I like Atomic Pollution, the music is simple but honest and good.  

Bad dreams always - 20 centuries of hate (CD)

BDA play a very energetic crossover, with a mix of crust and hard(hate)core. I feel very ambivalent, some parts when they stick to crustpunk is really excellent and some parts is just boring, those parts when they stick to a faster variant of NYHC. I expect more than just well played music from a band that have been around for so long time as BDA have. They mix swedish lyrics with english dito, I prefer the swedish tracks. This CD will give you more than just 8 tracks of ok music. It's a multimedia CD with pics, info and a video to one of their best song "Nu skall du sjudas". A song that was banned from Youtube, so if you wanna see it, buy this CD.  

Banal Anal - Sveket (Demo)

Banal Anal is a swedish punkband who was formed back in 1988. They played for 7 years, did some gigs and released 3 tapes and a CD before the band quit. 2010 did they reform with just one original member. The other new members have played in Abnorm. I don't know how Banal Anal sound back in the days so I can just give my opinion about their sound of today. And that sound reminds me a bit of Rövsvett and Discharge but they are not that good. I can't fucking stand the vocals at all and the vocals is so prominent so it destroy the total sound. Pretty boring hardcorepunk in my ears. 

Beyond Description - Proof of the truth (CD)

Here's a band who've appeared on several splits with bands like Excrement of war, Detestation and Kontatto, just for name a few. But this is just their 3rd fullength from their formed the band back in 1988. I have to clarify from the start that trash isn't my favorit genre, it doesn't matter what suffix you use. Maybe this is unfair since I'm not a trash fan, but the only thing I can refer to is the old Metallica style. Beyond Description are not any rockposer though, their lyrics is more political and it's not any mastodon songs with 10 boring guitar solos and a couple of drum solos. But the music is tight and the producer have made a good job. I am not sure which group Beyond Description will please most, the metalheads or the crust/hc punx... maybe both of them?  You will get 9 tracks at just 20 minutes.

Bombardiers - Saraba Nakama CD
(UVPR) www.uvpr.fr

I fucking love the french Oi! scene and UVPR continues to release good stuff with french bands. This time is it Bombardiers from Bordeaux. This CD was released in March 2011 with 13 tracks, two of them is covers by Camera Silence and The Templars. I have never been a big fan of The Templars, and I think that Bombardiers do their song "You decide" better than the original. To be honest can't I understand why they have recorded the covers since their own songs are so strong and good. Like the songs "Rendes-vous" and "Fusillés" which are two lovely songs. All pleasant melodies makes me think of Vanilla Muffins, but Bombardiers is marginally harder. If you want more french Oi! can I recommend the compilation Oi! L'album from UVPR. Don't be surprised if there will be an interview with Bombardiers in Schizo #8.  

Braindead - Weapons of the weak CD
(5 Feet Under Records) www.5feetunder.com

Burnt Cross - Break the law, not the poor (7")

Tadpole and Schizo is 2 of 10 labels who co-released this 4 tracks EP. I am proud to be one of them since Burnt Cross is my favorite band right now in all genres. Burnt Cross contains of 2 brothers (Paul and Rob) and I have made at least two interviews with them earlier, which you can read in Schizo Fanzine. Well, the brothers really know how to produce good anarcho punk in the same school as Conflict and Anthrax but better because of the fantastic anger the leadsinger Paul have in his voice. It's 4 tracks on this EP, one of them is Mob Violence by The Apostles, and I prefer this version before the original. If you, just like me can't get enough of Burnt Cross, order their new CD with tracks from their last 3 ep's, some unreleased stuff and some covers. And I have still copys left of this EP so if you wanna order from me, just send me an email. Burnt Cross really know how to deliver pissed anarcho punk, but sometime in the future would it be cool to hear them with real drums. 

Calafia puta

Raw grindcore from South america. I have no further info about this band, there's no contact info on the cover. Calafia puta, please get in touch so I can introduce you more in next issue. I think this is grindcore with great class. My computer is so slow now so I can't visit Myspace but if you like gind can I really recommend you to search for this band on Myspace. This recording contains 7 songs and an intro. Good stuff.

Damien - Kings of rock queen of roll CD

Fuck this, this is pure shit for my brutal punk ears haha. Hardrock n roll with a female vocalist. This is maybe something for the fans of Backyard Babies or something like that. Sorry, I can't stand it. Doesn't the name "Damien" say it all. This CD-ep offer 5 tracks.

DC Morf - Strålande framtid (CD)

I have read a few reviews about this album and just one of them remember this band from the mid-90s. I remember them very well since they did 2 gigs together with my brothers band in Stockholm. I don't remember which year, but maybe 1994? Well anyhow, I didn't like DC Morf too much at that time. But what do I think now when they have reunite? (I think it's a reuinon) Their music take me back to the 90's when this kind of punk (trallpunk in swedish) was so popular. I can mention many bands from those days, but not now. However is there no orginality and they are pretty boring. Strebers. Asta Kask, Cosa Nostra, Radioaktiva Räker are much better and interesting when it comes to this punk genre. But are you still stucked in "trallpunk" or if you wanna taste the 90's again, try DC Morf. It's pretty brave of DC Morf to play this music. 13 tracks, I can't say that I have a favourite track because all of them are pretty the same.

The Dräperz - Praise the lord and pass the ammunition (CD)

The Dräperz is a pretty new band from Västerås, Sweden. They play 3-chord punkrock with a mix between Ramones, Templars and let us say Voice of a generation. Since I like that kind of punk is it not too hard to understand that I like The Dräperz. But, I would prefer that they do all songs in swedish because it doesn't sounds too good when Mr.Jinx sing in english too bad because the vocals are not bad at all, it's the accent who disturb me. The music is perfect for a sunny day in the park with lot's of beer. 9 tracks in english and 2 in swedish, one of the 9 is a cover (Highway star) by Zeke. I think that The Dräperz can thrive in the future.

Fubbix - Utanför systemet (Promo CD)

Fubbix is a word they use in south sweden (Skåne) and is slang for "insane", but the music isn't really insane. I would describe the music as a mix between Exploited and GBH in swedish. Very well played and mature with a pissed vocalist. I am pretty tired of bands who are in the mix-GBH-and-Exploited genre, but Fubbix do it well, maybe because it's in swedish with Skåne-dialect. What else can I say.. I don't think that Fubbix will be played very often in my stereo but I sure think they have a good future. 

Garga Pitic - Hallgass

This album can be download for free from: http://www.arhc.hu/gargapitic/ with all you need to burn your own CD. It will also follow lyrics in both hungarian and english translations, info and 6 songs and one intro. Ok, you have seen the Garga Pitic logo before, think of Discharge and you will understand. And I think that Discharge is an influence to the music too, but the sound quality take away some of the power that you can hear from Discharge. But I have to say it, the sound isn't bad but it could still be better. The vocals are raw and the lyrics are in hungarian, but as I wrote, they are translated if you download this demo. I hope that next recording with Garga Pitic will be more powerfull, that would be good for them.

Goldcrush - Promo CD

This european band with members from Sweden, Norway and England seems to be appreciated out in Europe with lot's of tours and gigs with famous bands like Sham 69, Exploited and UK Subs. They play punkrock but I can't hear any attitude, they have a sound that is so similar to many other bands, well I would call them a rebellion band. And with that I mean a band that can play at the Rebellion festival which is the most boring festival and the people behind it just think of the profit. It's great though that Goldcrush do the most things in a DIY style with their own recordings etc, so they can sell their records for a decent price. The songs are to monotonous, the 9 songs is almost like a 19 minute long song. I don't think it's bad, it's just boring. But I hope they will keep up the DIY spirit. If I have to say a band that Goldcrush is most close to will it be UK Subs where Uk Subs is a bit more rock n roll and Goldcrush a bit more punkrock.

Into Disorder (Demo)

This is an honorable project with people from Slaughtergrave, Atomic Pollution and maybe some more. It's not easy for me when it comes to review music from people who work hard for the DIY culture, but I still have to write what I think about the music. But I will start with what I think is good and that's the lyrics who is straight on and could have been lyrics from which d-beat band out there. But Into Disorder isn't D-beat. This project is a cross over between easy anarcho punk 4-beat and much noise. I think there is people out there who will like it, but I don't. If you are interested in the DIY culture, take a listen to Into Disorder and hopefully will you like it more than me.

Kaffekatt - Vi har förlorat

Kaffekatt is a swedish hardcore band who mix some old school Gorilla Biscuits with swedish "trallpunk" which make it hard to review since it sounds like they have so many influences. Dead Kennedys, D.R.I, Bad Brains and many more classic bands. But the biggest difference is the vocalist, that scream more than he sing, but that's just good cause it really works. What else can I say about Kaffekatt... the lyrics are in swedish with different current topics. And since I like the swedish stand-up comedian Magnus Betnér is that song my favourite. I will probably listen to this Stockholm band more in the future.

Kismet HC - Equality (CD)

Damn, this is much better than I excpected. I know that I've heard Kismet HC on the Ungovernable Resistance radio show, but had forget their sound. I was thinking when I got this package with 2 CDs that this is probably som Power violence or grindcore. No fucking way, Kismet HC deliver wonderful anarcho hc/punk just like Dirt, Consume, Antischism etc etc... but better, and sometimes can I hear some MDC in their music, but that's a band who is hard to be better than. I love this band from the beginning, just angry because I'd never listen to them more before I got this CD. Another thing I like is the lyrics, they really hit bulls eye. This band was formed back in 1988/89 and their website looks like that was formed back in those they too, haha, but fuck that, I really recommend you to listen to this band, I will do it now and forever. This CD offer you 11 tracks in 39 minutes. My favourite tracks is Violence pt.2, Fuck off macho bastard & the fast and aggro Thinking man's box. I love the switch vocals female/male

Kismet HC - Songs of strife (CD)

Alright, even more of this british anarcho hc/punk band. This is their latest release and I am glad that I got it. And it's political and energetic in a fantastic symbiosis. The guitar riffs often tend to be a bit untidy, just like MDC, Naked Agression and Urban Waste, so that's in a positive way. I can continue to count bands in the same school... Chaos UK, Disorder and some Conflict. I like the Kismet HC lyrics. The only sad thing is that topics they wrote about in their beginning is still very current. Kismet HC is dynamic and it never bore you because their ability to vary pure anarchopunk and fast and aggressive hardcore and female/male vocals. My favorite tracks on this CD is "How can it be so... and "Canned in oppression" but it is the entirety who make this good. 11 tracks in 32 minutes. 

Manu Armata - No victory without strife CD
(5 Feet Under Records) www.5feetunder.com

Oh, this band give me vibes from the 90.s with the big hardcore era and Umeå sXe thing. But I can also namedrop bands from USA like Snapcase, Earth Crisis and Sick of it all. I didn't like this kind of hardcore back then in the 90.s with pretty much chugga-chugga guitars but this Dutch band play really good. Hardcore is a wide concept nowadays, but this is the real stuff for me. Lot's of breaks, not too much metal, screaming vocals, New York. The worst with this kind of music is that it was the one who got the disgusting metalcore to develop. I like Manu Armata as hell and who knows, maybe it will be an interview in the future. There is an intro + 6 songs, I think they could have skip the intro for a real song, but I will not complain, it's a good record and the first track is my favourite - Forced in defence. This is 17 minutes of hardcore joy

Milisi Kecoa - Kalian Memang Menyedihkan!
download at http://ungovernableresistancediy.blogspot.com

Tons of indonesian bands play crust or grind, often with bad sound quality. Milisia Kecoa is different, they are more into the 3-chord punk rock style. But don't think I mean some kind of Ramones punk, they are much harder and faster, much closer to bands like Defiance or Blanks 77. I can really recommend you to download this album for free, 15 songs with lyrics sheets, the lyrics are in indonesian but explanations are included. Among the songs will you also find a Bad Brains cover. Reading the lyric explanations in the sheet shows that Milisi Keoca are a band with plenty of opinions about life and society. 

Mr.Irish Bastard - Never mind the bastards. here's Mr.Irish bollocks

Well, as you can figure out from the title is this connected to Sex Pistols. True, but how? It's pretty easy, Mr.Irish Bastard have recorded a cover album of one of my favorite punk album - Never mind the bollocks with Sex Pistols. If we ignore all the circus around that 77-band is the truth that they have made some really really good songs. And this cover album by Mr.Irish Bastard is good as well, but I had expectations that it should be in another way. Insted is all the tracks pretty similar to the original. They could have done it with another eccentricity and with a different arr, and use their (folk)instruments more. I can't say it's bad because it's not, but it starts to be boring after a while and then I rather listen to the original. All the tracks are in exact order as the origianl Pistols album. And I love "Holidays in the sund" "Bodies" and "Seventeen". I will probably listen to this album more, but not every day for sure.

The Nuclears

The Nuclears got in touch with me, asking if I wanted to review their new CD. And I think they found the right man to review them because I like this kind of rock n roll punk. I guess that many of my colleagues would dislike The Nuclears but I have always like 77-punk. This is not pure 77-punk but close. I would say that they have influences from Stooges, The Damned and the lovely Buzzcocks. Don't forget that The Nuclears are an US-band so they doesn't have that special UK-sound then. But when they play their good rock n roll are they pretty close to Eddie and the hot rods. I will listen more to The Nuclears for sure, they appeal to me. 

Oiz II Men

I got a couple of new songs from this London band. The first time I wrote about Oiz II men was my thought about them not the best, but water have rush under the bridges and now must I say that the sound have develop pretty much and pretty good. Just take the song "Job done" who is a killer song. I start to think of Macc Lads, but Oiz are rawer. Then I start to think about The Opressed but Oiz are a bit faster. So their sound is pretty much their own even if some influences can be heard. I am glad that Oiz are better now because it's some nice lads in the band. They play much live around in UK, So check out their Myspace if you are leaving in UK or will be going there. Download their tracks from: http://www.reverbnation.com/oiziimen

Passiv Dödshjälp - Fasader (CD)

The most songs I've heard from this lovely band is from compilations and their split-EP with Livstid. And I've seen them live aswell even if I don't remember anything (and I was actually sober) So I am glad I got this CD from Halvfabrikat. This quintet from Gävle mix crust with some dark riffs and melodys, I will not write pure neo-crust because it isn't + one of the tracks (Döda din chef) is cover by Tinner. But it's much melodys and not so much straight on. The lyrics is strong, about life and society in a dark symbiosis. Passiv Dödshjälps fast and intense dark hardcore can tear which existing building down in just a few seconds. So what I remember from the split-EP is their music still solid, and what else can I demand? My favorite tracks is "Ny väg, fel riktning" even if the intro is a bit too much metal for me. I also like the title song very much "Fasader" The vocals is so filled with fury so this CD needs an age limit, it should be forbidden for people over 40 to listen because of their health. So sorry all you old punx out there. 

Power is poison - If not us then who (Digital free DL and EP)

Some days when I feel that Burnt Cross play too slow is it just to raise the volume and play Power is poison. Fucking blast, if you think G.B.H but better will get you a clue how Power is poison sounds like. And the lyrics are more interesting. Political and pure anti-fascist. Another band I start to think of is the swedish not too famous but brilliant Stockholm Pigs because of the intensity in the music, just listen to "Ram the bastards" for an example. Power is poison will soon release new stuff which I really burn to hear, I've already heard one raw mixed song which I liked much. It is 11 tracks on this EP, just what I want when the music is so fucking good.

Prins Carl - New order CD
(Noise of Sweden)

I reviewed the promo of this CD in Schizo #5 and wrote that I will follow their future and hope it will be bright. And I think it is bright now. They have released this CD togheter with Noise of Sweden and they will play at Oi! The Weekend in Sweden 23-24 september. In my opinion is Prins Carl one of the best Oi influenced punk band in Sweden at the moment. And they still have a sound that is more punkrock than pure Oi! It is 13 tracks on this album, and they never bores me, on the contrary is some of the songs really strong, like "...of today" and "Carnival in Greece" with a topic that always are current, just read these lines "The situation is out of control all over Greece II Don't listen to the media man, don't trust the police II How many people have to die before we can put an end II To all the sick things that's happening to our familys and friends" The lyrics give a great portrait of the sick society. Prins Carl have everything I like, good bass lines, dynamic guitar melodys and a good voice. The sound is not far from Blitz and Asta Kask. I will continue to follow this wonderful band. 

Rejects of Society - Against time

This is hardcore in the same school as Youth of today and Slapshot, maybe not just as good as them, I don't know if it's because it's a bit slower. R.O.S have played for 10 years and it's maybe the sound quality of this CD that put them down some steps because I hear that they have the right spirit. BUT the sound quality is not bad in any way, it's more the mix, and maybe the vocals that disturb me. I like the music and the coruses reminds me of punkbands like The Business. But they have much more hardcore influences.

Rudimentär - CD

This is something I can recommend just after have been listen to 3-4 tracks. The lyrics are dark, very dark and could be excellent lyrics for all black and death metal bands out there. But Rudimentär play very go-ahead energetic hardcore punk and I like it as hell. It's bands like this that really keep Sweden on the map for be known to produce good hardcore/crust music.

Ruggine - Stai sicuro (Digital, free DL)

What can be better than a lowkick in the balls at an italian corrupt politician? Yes, that's right, Ruggine who serve that lowkick with you at the best seat and a beer in your hand. This free to download promo offer you 4 hardcore tracks with italian lyrics. The music is very well played, a bit trash make it feel old school and the guitar lines make everything dynamic. Most of the music is very aggressive and the vocals is perfect, not growling as it can be when it comes to this kind of hardcore. Download this promo and much more from screamingfromthegutter.com

Ska'n'Ska - Gunshot fanfare CD

It's a big risk to send a ska album to a punk fanzine. But fortunately for this swedish band am I a fan of ska music. But first and foremost will I complain on one thing. The lyrics are in english, and that's not a problem, but the problem is that the vocalist try to sing with some kind of jamaican accent, that's really disturbing. But ok, I can ignore that because the music is really good and they take me back to late 90's when I listen much to USCB Allstars. But even if Ska N Ska use their instruments perfect can't I see that a swedish skaband will be as good as USCB Allstars. Ska N Ska mix their music fine with punk, reggae and ragga and if you are into this music will you really like this album. But hey Ska N Ska, please leave the silly accent, well ok, it works in the song !Ya basta!.

Slaughtergrave - Antifa Psychedelic

This is not my favorite band, but fuck that, Spiros is a good guy and they release almost everything they record for free, just go to their Myspace and download. Slaughtergrave mix (slow) crust with some trash parts and grind. The vocals is dark-growling, not my cup of tea. The sound quality is better than the last time I review them in the split with Lt. Dan. 

South City Locos - Punkrock's dead CD
(Hep Cat Records) www.heptownrecords.com

This might be the next swedish export to the american label Hellcat Records. That was my first thought about South City Locos. And it's still my thought after have been listen to them for a while now. It's very well played, fast and almost like a good punch straight in the face and I think that S.C.L would work fine in a tight sweaty club and at a bigger festival as well, they have a very mature sound for just have played since 2009. I don't like to compare bands with other bands but I have said it before, it can be a good thing to do in a review. So mix G.B.H with the sound from  american streetpunk, and this time isn't that bad at all. This 4 peace band is better many of the often boring G.B.H copys. If S.C.L sounds interesting, get this 11 tracks album, take a listen at Spotify first if you don't trust me.


I got a 3 tracks from Peter in Subcultural and my Oi! heart started to beat fast as hell. This is music I want before I leave my sofa going to the football ground or just have a couple of beers in the same sofa. Well, it's not so easy to get a full impression of the band by just 3 songs, but since the 3 songs are fucking brilliant is it a big teaser to hear more of them. These brits are way better than many of the old classic bands, except Menace and Cockney Rejects. So whatelse can I say... If you like Angelic Upstarts, Sham 69 and all those bands you will love Subculture. 

Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me
(Deathwish rec)

I got access to this album by Deathwish records and I will be objectiv and say from the beginning that this kind of melodic emo-hardcore is nothing for me. But when I listen to the songs and read the lyrics is there something that hit me. Their lyrics hit me hard, like these lines in Method Act.
"Don't ask me why. Have you ever wondered why I always drive alone? Same reasons why I never pick up my phone" It reminds me of a hard time I had for some years ago, when I just stayed at my flat with 3 litres of wine and lot's of beer, everyday! I was an alcoholic. There is some more lyrics I could show you, but I stay here. A problem with this record is that all songs are so alike each other, so it almost been a long extended song. I can't say that I'm very conversant in this scene, so I don't know which band I can compare with. The music is very melodic and the singer have a good voice that fit to the music. If you feel that you wanna listen to Touche Amore, go to their Last.Fm or Myspace. 

The Washingtonians - Severed heads

I have loved this band since Gazz from Ungovernable resistance introduced them for me. Even though I don't use to listen to this kind of hardcore or metal-hardcore without to be neo-hc are Washingtonians one of the best band out there now. Their mix with slow parts and grindparts attract me as hell. The coverart is fucking cool too, one of the best I've seen. I fucking like everything with this band, And you will do that aswell, as long as you like brutal hardcore trash/death crossover. This is a fullenght which means lot's of tracks, as a matter of fact totaly 17.

Vervain - Stadens ljus (7")

What the fuck, the desperation Vervain use to have is almost gone, the music is slower and even more melancholic than before. It almost sounds like they have a new vocalist because it's more singing than desperate screaming we was offered on their full length "Rigshospitalet" So, is it better or worse? The melancholic, almost emo (not the negative kind of emo) guitar lines sounds better when they play slow, but when it comes to the vocals was it better before. I like variations but sometimes can I get the feeling that its two different bands when I listen to their first full lenght and this EP. I like the 2nd track and 4th on this EP - "Rikshospitalet", good melodies and lyrics and "(Så gör) inte jag" which remains most of their old sound. Even if I have complained a bit can I not say anything else that this 7" is fucking good, and the lyrics tell the truth, often very poetic and everything is done on white vinyl.

Vervain - Gammal skate/Ny hardcore (CD)

Vervain is productive and for every release have they changed the music a bit. From desperate hardcore via slower melodic punk/hc to this 6 song CDEP when the music is more close to swedish bands like DS13 because of the energy, Abhinanda because of the hardcore and a tiny part of Strebers because of the melancholic melodies that I like so much. This CD contains of 5 tracks, and they are all good, it would have worked fine with a fullength too. This is my personal favourite Vervain release, surprised? Not at all, they have a good development curve with different ideas on each and every release, but I hope they have found their sound now, more hardcore and less emo guitars.

Vinnarcirkeln s/t (7")

This swedish band is new for me and it's a good aquaintance. Pretty odd hardcore with much guitarlines and even som funk parts, which make the whole thing fresh. They mix the guitar lines with melancholy and even some laid back stuff. I don't know any band I can compare with Vinnarcirkeln, so they really have their own sound. It's only the track "Köland - Skitland" who remains a bit of Rövsvett. The swedish lyrics are about life and some politics. There is 4 tracks on this EP and I like them all, I just want more and more and I hope their latest EP is just as good as this one. Try something new, try Vinnarcirkeln

Vinnarcirkeln - Man vill bara skrika (7")

Yes, Vinnarcirkel hit me hard once again. Their 2.nd EP was just as good as their first. I have still hard to compare them with any other band. This EP contains of six tracks, and I like the music and I like the lyrics. It's just one thing I need to complain on, it's the lyrics for the track "Sluta vänta" It's easy to say "cheer up and shut up" but with a mental illness can that be impossible. The guitar lines is still very cool, not any straight riffs but lot's of melancholy and it's surprisingly how the can put everything together. The lyrics is still in swedish and I like that, but there's also a small english explanation beside the lyrics in the coversheet. I really hope that someone can release a fullength because I need more of this killer hardcore band. 

Våldsamt motstånd - Högre tempo, djupare gravar (CDr)

Våldsamt Motstånd was formed 2010 but it's a band with lot's of experience from other bands. This is their second demo and the energy is total. There's nothing special with Våldsamt Motstånd except that I prefer them playing live because the vocalist Micke (earlier in swedish e.a.t.e.r) is a good live singer. I would put Våldsamt Motstånd in the same box as Totalitär and a personal favoruite band Bombstrike. But VM have to fight if they're gonna reach those bands greatness. Most of the tracks are in classic d-beat sound, it's only "Nedåt!" who is a slower song. Even though I prefer the faster tracks is it good to break off with that slow. It is 8 tracks on this which 4 is from an earlier recording.

Våldsamt motstånd - Wermland (CDr)

Ack Värmeland du sköna...? Not really huh? This is dirty, this is so brutal, and I am sad to say that it's less crust and more growling metal but on the other hand is Våldsamt Motstånd much better as a liveband as I wrote in the other review. But I don't like this CDr, and a lyrics sheet would be great. Best of the 7 tracks is track 1 "Massgravar" because of it's explosive start.

Återfall (7")

I must say that even if I have been much in Köping and around in Västmanland, where the band come from hadn't I heard about Återfall  before now. And that's pretty strange since bands of this calibre use to play around much. This is all about dirty raw crustpunk in the veins of Driller Killer and even a bit Extreme Noise Terror, two bands I like but they are not on my top-10 chart. I guess it's the vocals who disturb me because I don't really like that kind of raw dark almost death metal kind of vocals. But since the rules says that you have to like Driller Killer and (old) ENT will I probably be alone to think so? But, I will not complain more than that because Återfall is a fucking good band and I can really recommend Återfall for everyone who like swedish crustpunk.


V/A At least they're 20 (digital)

can't remember the contact address but try this one

Damn, I don't remember who put this compilation together. Well, it doesn't care too much for me even if it's a noble done work. But the music isn't really my kind of favorite. It would have been a killer compilation for me around 1994 since many bands are in the skate-ushc school. But that is something who have grown away from me. Most of the bands is hailing from South America, but there's also two Norwegian bands: Freedumb and Norsk Råkk. Freedumb is the best band on this comp with their more harder us-hc. And Norsk Råkk play reggae with norwegian lyrics, I like that track aswell. Some of the other bands: Corn Punk, Dickens, Nadie Calavera. If you like skatepunk, send a mail to Freedumb and ask more about this compilation.

V/A Destroy. 4-Way split.

Download this for free if you like noisy and crusty grindcore. The bands who split this disc is Slaughtergrave, Bestial Vomit, Chaos Anarcy and Vampiric Cold Blood. This is yet another release in the name of DIY so it's a shame that I don't really like this kind of music. I like grind, but I want better sound quality. I am a big fan of old Nasum and Assück and even Arsedestroyer. But this 4-way split is far from my favourite bands. And as usual is it a lot of tracks when it comes to grindcore, this time is it 41 tracks.

V/A Fuck corporate wank VOL 2.

I reviewed VOL 1 in Schizo #6 and here comes the second volume of Fuck corporate wank. This compilation is dedicated the poor people in Haiti after the big disaster. The first volume was fucking great. This volume start really good with one of my new favourite band Deportation, I think they are from the Netherlands. And it all continues with great acts with italian Ruggine and the dutch Power is poison who deliver high class anarcho punk. The first grind act come from Freedom is lie. I think it's 3 swedish bands, first out is The Bristles a big favourite band who play political punk, the other 2 is my band Diskent and my friends Slaktrens. Maniatikatz from South America is good as always, they was the band of the month in a earlier issue of Schizo Fanzine. This compilation end up with 3 fantastic bands, Washingtonians, Quarto Potere and Harold Shitman. So don't hesitate, download this for free.

V/A Fuck corporate wank VOL 3.

The third and last volume of the Fuck Corporate wank compilation. This one is just as good as Vol.1 and 2. and contain some familiar bands like Campus Sterminii, Iszonyat, Zudas Krust and the swedish Sub Alert. There is also some bands I know from Ungovernable Reistance radio show, among them is Zora, Carlos Dunga and Il Disagio. This volume contain pretty much crust and it's high class all over. I can promise that you will find at least 2 or 3 new "favourite" bands on each and every volume of this compilation.I can just say thanx as hell for this initiative.

V/A Prisoners of war (cd)

Yes, this is a project supporting prisoners of war. It started to support just one prisoner (JJ) and when he is released will the money go to different POW-groups. So buy this CD for a good cause, and it's not only for a good cause because the line-up is magnificent. It all kick off with Oi Polloi and some of the other bands that is pretty well known are Burnt Cross, Extinction of Mankind, Doom, Anthrax and Cress. And as you already know is Burnt Cross my favourite band, but Anthrax (UK) is pretty new for me and I like everything I've heard with them. Compilations use to have some weak tracks but not this, I can always mention all bands because it's good all over. So if you're in love with anarcho punk just like me is this a perfect CD for you. Some of the other bands I want to put some light of is Trauma Unit, Liberty, Active Minds and Disrupters. Some tracks is pretty rare, like livereleases and from split records so that's another reason to buy this 23 track CD.

V/A Punk 'n' pissed - 100 % British punk (cd)

This brithish compilation comes all the way from US, it's Unreprentant Records who released it. 11 bands with 2 tracks each. I have just heard 2 of the bands before. Dogsflesh and Lowelife UK. The first band UK Vomits two songs remains me a bit of UK Subs, and that's something that come back on almost every band on this compilation but sometimes it sprawls between Sham 69, GBH and The Exploited. Rebellion visitors will probably like this compilation very much. I like it, but I think it's sounds more like a one-band fullength insted of a 11 bands-compilation. My favorites: The Fiend, The Septic Psychos and the second track with Pedagree Skum, their first track is on the contrary pretty bad. The other bands on this 52 minutes punk half-explosion is: Citizen Keyne, Total Bloody Chaos, Poundaflesh, Keyside Strike and T.M.F. I'm sad to say this but The British streetpunk scene isn't the best right now but it's always possible to find some bright spots. 

V/A Support your scene

This compilation was made by Ungovernable Resistance together with Pankerijada. And if you have been listen to the fantastic Ungovernable Resistance radio show will you probably be familiar with many of the bands on this compilation. And it start good with Power is Poison, Al-thawra and my own band Diskent. And what the fuck, it continues fucking good too with my friends Atomic Pollution and Iszonyat, Ruggine and Tuhkaus. And guess what? The end part of this compilation is fucking good as well with Burnt Cross, The Washingtonians and Oiz II Men. All in all is it 23 tracks in 52 minutes. For free... so fucking download it now.

V/A Fuck Corporate Wank 2 - Vol.1 (free Digital)

Geez, Gazz is productive with his compilations. This opening is hard to beat with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Atomic Pollution, Power Is Poison, Ruggine and Straight Opposition. And it continues with more good bands XHaroldShitmanX, Never Come Back, Dirt Protest and Realitas then you have the complete punk compilation. But don't just get satisfied with that, FCW even deliver more noise and shit with Weelchair X3, Agathocles and Slaughtergrave. The rest isn't bad either Lowfat, Partiya, Primitive Beat, Lacto Vaginal, The Gajna, Jan AG, Indoctrinate, Force Greed, So, take a visit at ungovernableresistancediy.blogspot.com and download all compilations. 

V/A Fuck Corporate Wank 2 - Japan benefits (free Digital)
A DIY awareness comp. for the people of Japan

More Ung Res releaes in the reviews pages start on page 31. This is a comp. with wellknown, known and unknown bands for me. A cool thing is the mix, punk/hardcore/hip hop. Perfect mix for a punkgig afterparty. It's 30 tracks for free and some of the best hiphop acts is
J.Scolli, Lewka and Primitive Beats. And some of the punk bands I like a little bit more than the rest is Abhorrent System, Enemixgs del Enemigo, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Power is Poison as usual. Support the scene for fuck sake. 

V/A - Ungovernable Resistance Anti Apathy Comp (Free comp.)
Fuck Sheeple and Fuck profits

Yet another compilation from Ungovernable Resistance. This free 33 tracks compilation is really interestsing. Some bands have contribute at the earlier comps from UR and they are maybe the best bands on this comp. Like Power is Poison, Al-thawra and Ruggine, Atomic Pollution and Plakkagio HC. But there is lot's of bands who is pretty new for me. I can't as usual review all tracks so here is some bands that I think is a bit better or more interesting than the other. Våldsamt Motstånd from Sweden is a good band with a mix of rawpunk and some black metal, the sound quality isn't the best, but they are a great live band. Milisi Kecoa from...maybe Finland? contribute with a good punkrock song not the best quality but it works fine. Indonesian Kontra appeals me even if it's not a masterpiece. To be honest is this not the best comp. from UR. Many of the tracks are horrible when it comes to the sound quality. But download it, you can always find some new bands, and it's totally free

V/A Ungovernable Resistance Antifa Comp -
No fash tash allowed (free Digital)


Here is another compilation you'll newer will find in your local record shop, but don't cry for that 'cause it's free to download at Ung Res. It's 33 killer tracks, some bands have contains on other UR comps and some are new. One band I've already reviewd in this issue is Milisi Keoca from Indonesia, I like their hardcore punk as hell. Another band I wanna give some cred to is the swedish EATER with their traditional swedish hardcore. I like some grind, but I don't like goregrind and there is a few bands playing that crap haha, then it's better with bands like PowerBall and Ruggine and Power is poison.

V/A - Ungovernable Resistance Hip Hop Punk Comp (Punk) Vol 1
Resisting capitalist music


This is the first UR compilation of nine (9!) with antifa-punk-political-hip-hop-resistance-spoken word and much much more. It is a big work behind all the volumes. This can be read on the cover "Punk and Hip Hop have more in common than elitists would have you believe. Sadly as a result of commercialisation of music people are usually only exposed to mainstream trash that is littered everywhere on TV & Radio" and "Punk and Hip Hop share many of the same ideals and values, so let this project be a reminder to those who say people are too different, that in reality we aren't different at all". There is 30 tracks on this volume and some of my favourites are Burnt Cross, Global Parasite, Down to kill, The Washingtonians, Ruggine, Slaktrens and Zudas Krust. That's just seven of 30 strong tracks where you can find all kind of punk and even my old band Pass Out.

V/A - Ungovernable Resistance Hip Hop Punk Comp (Punk) Vol 2
Resisting capitalist music

It will be hard to beat this one, who start with 10 Power is poison tracks, like a "best of". But the party will continue after the Power is Poison tracks. Burnt Cross, Oiz II Men, Atomic Pollution, Poster-iti, Go Die Scum. My bands Diskent and Pass Out are also on this volume, the Diskent song is a medley with 3 songs in one. What else can I say, I am really impressed that Gaz have found all this bands, of all the 30 tracks is it maybe 2 or 3 that is a bit weak, and the rest of the songs offer really high class punk. Just a reminder, all volumes of the UR Hip hop Punk compilations are free to download so you have nothing to lose, it's a pure win win situation where you can find new favourite bands. It's mostly hardcore and crust but almost all kind of punk is represent here.

V/A - Ungovernable Resistance Hip Hop Punk Comp (Punk) Vol 3
Resisting capitalist music

This compilation start out with a great line up when it comes to cross over, hardcore and crust with Al-Thawra, The Washingtonias and Partiya. It will follow up by some other well known bands like Zudas Krust and the swedish acts Sub Alert and Slaktrens. Slaktrens must be one of the best hardcorepunk band right now... in sweden anyhow. Tuhkaus from Finland is so raw, I like them a lot. Then comes a track with Al-Thawra again and then my favourite band as you probably know, Burnt Cross

V/A - Ungovernable Resistance Hip Hop Punk Comp (Punk) Vol 4
Resisting capitalist music


This volume of UR Hip Hop Punk comp have a really good opening line up, just listen to this: Al-Thawra, Washingtonians, Sub Alert, Partiya, Ruggine, Down to kill and Global Parasite. And Washingtonians are one of the best band of all volumes. So fucking raw and brutal. And the best thing is that this comp. continues with good bands, like Atomic Pollution, Zudas Krust, and call me egocentric but I like the Pass Out song too, and yeah, that's my old band. This compilation in the veins of punk and hardcore is what DIY are about.

V/A Unity and strenght 2

I love the Unity and Strenght compilations. They are free and contain lot's of good bands. This one offer 35 songs with 35 bands. There is some familiar bands at this volume like Atomic Pollution, Constant state of terror, Down to Kill, Global Parasite and Niestroy but also many for me new bands. I will not go thru all of them but I will mention a few. Italian Discordia have a good hardcore/crust song that please me, and so does Dokuga from Portugal who play pretty dark hardcorepunk and another band that I like is the american Doom Siren who mix some grind in their brutal punk. I like Filthy Habits, an anarko/DIY band from Wales who break the raw hardcore line. I must mention the US band Man will destroy himself just because of the vocals who are really brutal. The last band in this review will be Tuhkaus which I will bring in my distro during the Spotlicks euro tour, the finish band have a short grind track on this compilation. All in all, good as always and true DIY. Download this compilation and much more at www.myspace.com/martynwest 

V/A US Showcase comp
(Birds out records)

Wow, here's a comp that can unite grindpeople, hardcorekids and all people of harder and faster punk. And don't shit your pants now because some tracks are skate-ushc, but as I said, don't shit your pants cause it's the oldschool kind of ushc. As I concern have I not heard any of the bands before. And one band I wonder of is East West Blast Test who play some Nintendo soundtrack punk, odd as fuck. Cyborg and Wake the machine have the best grindtracks, Cry Havoc!, Aggro or Die and Scattergun is 3 bands I hope I'll get some time to check up more because their hardcore is absolute great. All in all is it 13 tracks and none is bad.

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